Starting May 2020, we will pause from taking new members. It’s likely we will open the group back up to a few new members in December.

This is a get together and offering for women interested in meditating, discussing Buddhist teachings and connecting to help support each other’s meditation/life practice. We meet monthly with an intention to enjoy a peaceful space while gathering together and building spiritual friendships. I like to think of this get together as a peaceful refuge.

Monthly on Sundays 10:30 a.m Р12:30 p.m. | Downtown San Rafael | On Zoom starting in April until we are able to meet in person again

  • Silent or guided meditation (usually 25 minutes)*
  • Walking meditation (we were experimenting with this when we met in person)
  • Tea break
  • Group conversation on Buddhist themes (based on an article, dharma talk, interview, etc.) Recent topics have included: generosity, gratitude, impermanence and metta (kindness). Please click here to go to page with readings and other resources.
  • Journaling (a few minutes of intention setting or writing/drawing on the theme). Please bring paper/pen/writing/drawing implements of choice.
  • Brief individual sharing on the theme (if you would like)/We use Tara Bach’s guidelines for mindful sharing
  • Short closing meditation
  • Dedication of merit
  • Time to get to know others in the group (15-20 minutes)

*For those who are new to meditation or would like a refresher, I recommend these mindfulness meditation instructions from Gil Fronsdal: https://www.audiodharma.org/talks/audio_player/3279.html

There is a focus on creating connections in a peaceful environment and providing an easy, low key way for everyone to contribute to the conversation. Interested in incorporating reading from various Buddhist traditions: mindfulness, Insight/Vipassana, Zen, Tibetan and secular Buddhism.

We meet at a peaceful, art-filled studio dedicated to community, creativity, dharma and shared inquiry.

Both chairs and floor cushions are available. Cushioned floor mats (zabutons) are limited, so if you have a preference for sitting on the floor, please bring a yoga mat (to protect ankles and knees) and use one of our meditation cushions (zafus).

Your requested $5 contribution will help defray the cost of the meeting room.

There are many cafes and restaurants nearby for those who would like to connect with others in the group before or after the meeting.

About Elizabeth/host and group facilitator: I have been practicing meditation and studying Buddhism with some consistency since 2012. I am interested in learning and connecting with others who have or would like to benefit from these teachings and practices.

I’ve spent more than 25 years in the marketing and communications field and most days now I help leaders tell their story to employees, media and the community.

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